bro. Ervin L. Swan lll,God's blessing's Amen!

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 Loving Jesus! and Praising His holy Name.,,,(,

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   "We give Great Honors to Our Father God,Jesus" Amen,love to the whole world,  from bro.Ervin L. Swan lll, and God bless each one of you.,,       

"Giving All Honors to God,and too,His Son JESUS" And May Our God,Jesus Lead the Way for us all,and Show us the Path Way,to HEAVEN one Day.................. "Spending time with Ervin"/ Every Sunday night @10 pm-until 12midnight:Pacific Standard Time:"Love you all, always,as we keep praying along the way.." And if we Truly Believe in God,Jesus Holy Name,and That He Can,and That He will, Open doors for you and I,That know man can see,And for we all know, that He has the first to say,and that He has the last to say,that we will live a Abundant Life,filled with peace, love, joy and happiness..........Do you Believe  in Him,??????????????? Then lets "Praise Our Holy Father" (JESUS) ,Together we will Stand.....................................                                ,  /  /                                               /                                                                                                                                                 ,                                                                                  Ervin L. Swan III  /voice                      


y oFather"(JESUS)


Welcome!) /voice/ Every Sunday night at 10 pm-midnight Pacific Standard Time,and,I am looking up to our time together, always sending you my love for Jesus,God's Blessing's to you and I. Amen!                                                        bro. Ervin L. Swan lll

At "Spending time with Ervin" we know your free time and leisure activities are important. We offer a diverse range of services to meet the cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of our customers in the Sacramento,, CA, area. Whether you are looking to meet new friends or just get away from it all "Spending time with Ervin" can help.we can offer you a great numbers of songs,and in your spare time,you can just relax,and take your mind off,of your stressful day and you can just enjoy the goodness of GOD and "Spending time with Ervin",and pick out a soft song,and just "Praise our Holy Father(JESUS) with me,and say,Thank you Heavenly Father, God for the breathe of Life,Health,and my strength,because God is so mercy good to us all,and just know that I am here for you all, if it is not just more than to sing you a song,with lots of joy happiness,and love,. I am Thankful to God,and to you.All we need to do is to believe in Him,and bless His Holy Name,Jesus.and you will be so glad.and I have been writing songs,since the age of 15 yrs old,and I did my first recording,at 24 yrs. old.Thank you so much for coming by to visit me,Love you always,Ervin L. Swan III,and God be with us All."Oh yes my Domain name is located:http://www.ervinlowvellswanlll;and my email address,followed by my gmail,,,

Shed the stress and worry of everyday life and enjoy a fantastic time. Contact "Spending time with Ervin" today.and remember I can come by and Sing you a song,with two weeks notice.Just make sure i respond in time to do so,again,I will love to be there and worship our Heavenly Father Jesus with you all,God Blessings